Encore Trucking & Transport is Western Canada’s #1 source of UNIC Spydercranes and Hoeflon Minicranes. Encore Trucking was the first to bring these Spydercrane units into Canada back in 2008 and has been using, renting and selling them since. We have the most experience and knowledge with these units in all of Canada.

Being only 2 ft wide and 9ft long in transport mode, our mini crawler cranes can get into those tight spots where you need power and lift. This mini crane has proven to work well in almost any environment. The size of the machine enables greater accessibility but does not compromise with power (lift to 3 tons) or boom length (28 ft) and has 360 degree swing capability. The crane is mounted on tracks for travelling within minutes to where the work is. With 6 positions for each of the 4 independent outriggers, there are numerous configurations to set up the crane, giving it the ability to adapt to almost any situation. For indoor lifts, there are hybrid models available such as gas/electric, gas/propane and straight propane. For outdoor work, there are straight gas and straight diesel units available.

  • Level operation on uneven sites
  • Radio remote controls
  • LMI stability safeguards and shutdowns
  • Tandem lift capability (by Encore operators)
  • Orientation and certification by Encore Rentals & Sales
  • Accessories such as jibs for extra headroom for confined lifts, transformers developed by Encore, cold weather start, man-basket attachment and forklift carry tray

Encore Trucking also carries the Track-O. This is a motorized electric stair-climber and all terrain dolly. These units are perfect for transporting items around a job site and moving loads up and down stairs. Depending on the model, these units can have up to 2,200 lbs of carry capacity on flat ground or 1,100 lbs on incline. They are the ideal mobile hand truck at just under 30 in wide with the ability to be fully remote controlled to reduce the risk of injury. Encore rents these units for client use or with full operator service.

Two Different Brands: Spydercrane & Hoeflon

We are the only provider of Hoeflon in Western Canada.

The Hoeflon mini cranes C6 and C10 models are similar to the 295 Spydercranes in that they fit through a mandoor (tracks retract) but have increased reach and capacity. The Hoeflons are duel diesel/electric (C6> 230V and C10> 400V). These cranes also have some carrying capability and have creative remote control jibs.

  • HOEFLON C6 at 3 Ton Diesel Electric 240V more reach than 295 Spydercrane, 38’, 52’ with jib, access man door
  • HOEFLON C10 at 4 Ton Diesel/Electric 400V more reach than 295 Spydercrane, 53’, 72’ with jib, access man door

Applications: Glass Lifters for glass installation, Plant Maintenance, Pumps and Motors, Work Inside Skids/Shacks, Landscape Projects, Pre-Fab Steel, Glazing/Glass Installation, Projects with Limited Headroom/Tight Access, New Construction

Hoeflon Minicrane installing glass Hoeflon Minicrane installing glass