Knuckle Boom Pickers


Our knuckle boom pickers are the biggest in Western Canada. When there is a problem with tight space and limited headroom, our articulating knuckle booms are the solution. With units up to 70 ton, a lifting cap of 60,000 pounds and a total reach up to 71′, our knuckles can solve any lift within their capacities. As with our straight booms, our knuckle booms also have jib add-ons. These jibs are tools which are added to the end of our knuckles to change lift angles, allowing access to tight spots.

  • 6 – 70 Ton Pickers
  • Specialty Jib attachments for limited headroom
  • Reverse Knuckle attachments for limited headroom
  • Picker – Trailer combo
  • Largest Knuckle Picker in Alberta

Applications: Overhead Crane Installs, Engine Moves, Pump Station Work, Electrical Equipment, Pre-Cast Concrete, Building Materials, Rocks, Shack/C-Can Offload, Confined Space/Limited Headroom Projects