Mark Dundas – AMTA Safety Person of the Year!

Mark Dundas – AMTA Safety Person of the Year!

Encore’s safety record, since Mark has been involved, tells the only story necessary to award this honor to a truly gifted safety person. He knows how to communicate, to prioritize, to enforce, train, educate, cajole, discipline and somehow get our young people, and old dogs to buy in and engage. Mark first entered the transportation business with a Class 1 at age 18. He learned his trade driving professionally, hauling heavy equipment and lumber for 10 years. He has worked in a safety role in the mining and oil and gas industries, and for the past 3.5 years, exclusively in the transportation business with lucky us.

Mark is presently a member of the Injury Reduction Council and he is currently completing the Certified Transportation Safety Professional Designation, within the AMTA. Mark initiated an employee recognition form to train, encourage, and or discipline all in the same format. We use this on all levels of praise, learning situations, and violations that can be refocused as teaching tools, such as learning the new electronic logbooks. Following that thought, Mark plays a critical role in our move to electronic logs. He made sure we started early, in 2018, so our older, computer shy operators, had time to acclimatize.

This is the kind of subtle, but effective planning, that characterizes Mark’s work. He is first on the scene of any incident, and a calm, mature voice in what can be a stressful situation. This is a safety representative that has managed to balance the requirements of a thorough safety policy and the practicable demands of day to day business. It’s not an easy job.

Mark makes it look easy, and he has made Encore Trucking a better place to work by nurturing a safety culture and keeping it alive with good work and dedication.

Congratulations Mark, you earned it!

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  1. Myron Gibbons says:

    Well deserved Mark Congratulations!!