Heavy Haul Transport

A day in the life of Heavy Haul Transport………….

As we plan and execute yet another day here at Encore I watch out the window as our two biggest trailer combinations head out the main gate to load in excess of 220000 lbs. combined.

Is this typical, or daily, not yet, but it is becoming more and more frequent as we get our name out as a mid-heavy transport company, and with great success.

We are moving a 120000 lbs. RT crane and a 100000 lbs. excavator to different corners of the province today and the weather is less than perfect, snowy, lower visibility but safe for the seasoned professionals we have, just one example of our heavy transport diversity.

It takes heavier equipment, more powerful trucks, and a lot more tires to transport a lot of the products our customers are coming to us for, we are up for the challenge and have the expertise required to get these loads moved.

The planning involved in a lot of our heavy haul is complicated and requires fine attention to detail, from the engineering of load placement on the trailers to the routing, permit application, pilot cars, and travel curfews, it’s sometimes days from the call to the haul!

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