Unloading 747s at Edmonton International Airport

Encore Trucking has recently started working for a customer based out of the UK who flies shipments of pipe into Canada via the Edmonton International Airport. This is a unique job and Encore is definitely excited to be a part of it. This ongoing job consists of accessing the runway via the cargo terminal and unloading crates of pipe from incoming 747 aircraft. Sometimes these crates can weigh as much as 28,000 lbs and have dimensions over 12m in length. We use our 50 ton straight boom picker to offload these crates from the nose of the plane; which lifts up to allow access. The crates are then loaded to trailers for further transportation. This job is another great addition to Encore Trucking’s portfolio of specialized & unique lifts. Please check out our other work on the Media page, our gear on the Photos page and what we can do for you on the Services page.

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