Unit #503 is Almost Here

Encore is excited to announce its newest addition to the fleet, unit #503! This will be the largest articulating picker truck in our fleet. Please take a moment to read a few words regarding this new crane from one of our directors, Jim Lucas.

We are in the process of mounting a massive Fassi 1950 articulating crane onto a tandem triple Western Star truck. This will be the largest crane of its kind in the country. Our Fassi 1500 has been in service for several years and has done a huge amount of work often performing lifts no other crane could have performed. Its reputation for performing heavy and tight quarter lifts has paved the way for this much larger unit. The Fassi 1950 complete with the Custom Encore dead stick (manual pullout) brings us a substantial increase in capacity. The chart is impressive, 40,000 pounds at over 23 feet of radius and 18,500 pounds at 50 feet of radius. It will add a new dimension to Encore Trucking & Transport Ltd that we know will be welcomed by our clients. Much of our success as a company comes of recognizing a need and addressing that need in order to better serve our clients. It is the kind of progressive thinking that keeps us ahead of the competition. Thirty five years in business and we still have passion for work. Admittedly, acquiring these big toys fuels that passion… the addition of this massive unit is especially exciting.

Make sure to give us a call if you have a project in mind for our new addition or if you just want to chat about its capabilities.

Photo provided by Fassi Crane

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