Tractor Driver

Become part of our team and work alongside the most experienced picker operators in the province. Encore Trucking is currently looking for TRACTOR DRIVERS with Winch Truck Experience.

Duties of all Operators

All operators have a responsibility to inspect and maintain their truck and trailers, fill out the applicable internal paperwork, as well as appropriate inspection reports, daily log books and maintenance reports.

Our operators are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, professional manner at all times. We expect them to be on time and presentable. Encore expects their operators to work in a manner that is efficient for the customer and Encore to best make use of the time. Within the boundaries of safe and diminished risk work, all effort should be made to complete their task, but all Encore employees have the right to refuse any work they consider unsafe.

All operators must safely drive Encore vehicles and trailers, maintain a legal driver’s logbook, and practice proper, legal load securement complying with all federal and provincial regulations and laws.

Operators must care for and maintain company equipment to Encore standards and provide lifting and transportation service to customers in accordance with Encore’s procedures.

You must adhere to all policy and instructions provided in Encore’s Health and Safety Policy and operate company vehicles and equipment in a professional, safe and courteous manner.

Encore’s policies and procedures should be referred to and reviewed (before employment), any work related questions should be directed to management, brought up in safety meetings, tailgate meetings or mentoring senior employees. This is one area we must insist all employees acknowledge. Any tricky jobs should be previously discussed and it is company policy to review the next day’s work with all employees involved.

Paperwork is of the upmost importance as this is the communication to Encore’s customer, administration and other parties involved. Completion of paperwork and full knowledge on how to complete paperwork is mandatory. Hazard assessments are a part of your job.

Operators are expected to learn, contribute and offer job procedures as new and novel work presents itself.

Major Responsibilities

  • Perform various deliveries around the province
  • In & out of town work as required
  • Adhere to Encore Trucking & Transport Ltd. safety guidelines and procedures
  • Ability to work independently and with a crew
  • Work alongside Encore picker operators
  • Complete documentation and tasks for the office
  • High attention to detail to complete all required paperwork for shop/field work. (BOL, Drivers logs, pre/post trips and hazard assessments)
  • Ensure quality work is being completed in which safety is a key component
  • Maintain safety as your first priority in all jobs
  • Manage your time to ensure you are within legal operating hours on a daily and weekly basis. Let dispatch know if you are nearing your maximum hours
  • Identify driving hazards and the appropriate actions to take. Impaired road and weather conditions may require tire chains or locking the differentials. Drivers are responsible for determining what is necessary to safely travel to a site
  • Practice safe driving speeds and braking distances when on the road. There are many hazards on the road (wildlife, constructions, and accidents) and it is your responsibility to ensure you are alert while driving
  • Participate in all tailgate meetings and complete the appropriate documentation
  • Drivers will be responsible for maintaining legal axle weights on the trucks and trailers when in transport
  • Identify and report any damage to the loads, trailers or trucks to the appropriate parties. These should be inspected before and after a trip is made. Damage to any truck or trailer should be noted on the Pre/Post trip inspection and a shop maintenance form should be filled out
  • Using the appropriate tie downs when securing loads. Drivers will encounter a wide array of different loads to haul, they will be responsible for properly securing all items on the trailer meeting and exceeding Encore and government standards for load securement and transport
  • Coordinating with operators for loading and unloading trailers
  • Hauling over dimensional you must notify dispatch with heights and widths of the load. You may need permits and a planned route depending on the dimensions. meet all necessary load requirements in these situations (flagging, dimension signs, pilot cars, beacons)
  • Some jobs will require you to spend the night in a sleeper birth, always be prepared with an overnight bag and extra food. Let dispatch know if you are tired or out of hours for the day, unexpected delays can arise and conflict with the expected schedule of the job you are on


All Encore employees are responsible for understanding and complying with Encore and outside authority regulations, procedures and policies. Employees must apply this to all aspects and tasks related to their position and take part in the further development of the safety program. Workers are responsible for identifying hazards and having the necessary controls in place to prevent incidents and near misses.

Hazard assessments must be completed with the appropriate paperwork, (shop forms, BOL, and site, shop and office inspections), discussed with all involved parties and submitted to the safety department.

Employees MUST report all near misses and incidents immediately to an Encore supervisor or Encore contact as per the Alberta Worker’s Compensation Act and the federal and Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act. All paperwork including an incident report and investigation form must be filled out with employee information, a detailed description of the incident with root causes and corrective actions taken.

A Tractor Driver operates company vehicles. This is a safety sensitive position.

Working Conditions

Drivers work mainly outdoors, often in noisy, dusty conditions. They work in locations throughout Alberta in all types of weather. A 40 hour, five day work week is normal but overtime may be required to meet deadlines. Occupational hazards include injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, power line contact, crane overload, falls, weather conditions or manual lifting.

Crane and hoisting equipment operators may be required to lift items that weigh over 25 kilograms.

Personal Characteristics

  • Good physical fitness level
  • Co-ordination and manual dexterity
  • Good vision
  • The ability to work as part of a team and communicate with ground crews, customers and clients
  • Ability to consistently pass a drug test
  • Excellent inter-personal and communication skills
  • Capability to plan and organize tasks
  • Ability to meet deadlines with high performance

They should enjoy working independently when necessary, being part of a team and having variety in their work.

Job Requirements

  • Class 1 License
  • A clean 5 year Drivers Abstract
  • Flat deck experience required
  • Rigging and tie-down experience
  • Winch truck, heavy haul/super-B experience is an asset
  • Reliable personal transportation
  • Completion experience of paperwork (driver logs, pre/post trip, BOL)
  • Able to pass a drug and alcohol test various times during employment (customer and company policy and a term of employment
  • Possible move to boom/picker truck operator for the right candidate

Compensation is based upon experience. Encore offers competitive wages and great benefits including RRSP.

Apply via email at, no phone calls please. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Thank you for your interest in Encore Trucking & Transport Ltd.

Job Type: Full-time, October 2017 posting

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