The Lytton Bridge Run

The Lytton Bridge Run.


                When Lytton, BC set the record for the hottest temperature in Canada, Alberta was also sweltering in intense temperatures.  Our units never slowed down.  We ran hard thru a week of record breaking temperatures that ground men and stressed our rigs to the max.  But our maintenance crews kept up, and we stayed on the roads, on site.

                And then the forest around Lytton caught fire, turned deadly and a horrific blaze burned thru the town.  All the buildings were destroyed, homes and business’ gone, utilities wiped out. It also destroyed the railway bridge over the Fraser River.

                We got an urgent request from a trucking outfit in BC.  A desperate call to load bridge beams and get on the road.  And we were ready.

                We left within the hour, loaded at a rail yard and drove into the night; arriving at the Lytton apocalyptic site the next morning.  We were joined by 8 other units from our caller and unloaded in a smoke filled valley.  The bridge repairs had already started.

                We didn’t know the company, but they had heard of us, that we were a capable and prepared outfit.

                That’s a brand that takes years to build; conscientious drivers, a thorough maintenance program, management committed to running good iron, and investing time and money in service and upkeep.

                That’s why we were chosen for the Lytton bridge run, why we were sent to the fire in Waterton Park, and delivered water pumps to the Prince George Fires in 2018; and a new generator to the Lac La Biche Hospital when they lost all power.

                These are emergency situations, where you choose your best.  Encore is proud of the fact that during the every day rush and flow of trucking and crane work we have built a reputation of competence, solid units and availability. 

                We’re ready.

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