The Blair Witch Tale

The Blair Witch Tale

Below is our recollection of the Blair Witch Tale. 

Photo Credit: FredL2.0


Encore got a call from the Blair Witch, she wanted a bush cabin moved. Sent some grainy black and whites, a scratchy map, detailed instructions and a warning, “Don’t turn right!” We have to put eyes on this. Sending Jeff in to check the site. 

Story #2

Jeff never returned ’till dark. Said he followed the map but was hopelessly lost, then right at dusk the cabin just appeared. We got another call, we can only do this job after the sun sets. I don’t know, Encore doesn’t turn down jobs, but this is really strange.

Story #3

My mom phoned, said she had a dream where a strange-old thing came to her door and asked if Encore was moving a cabin. Told me we had to do it. The woman was scared and angry. And “don’t go inside Don!” Oh-boy, now I gotta do this… myself. 

Story #4

I was there at sunset. The roof pitch was crazy steep, the eaves drooped almost to ground. Using my good Encore work habits, I craned it on to the deck. If I reversed, I needn’t turn right. I backed deeper and deeper into the forest down a bushy goat trail. My heart racing. 

Story #5

Somehow I found the site and swung the cabin smartly to ground. I heard a moan and jumped in to the truck. A pale hand snapped open the cabin door. I ripped my eyes away, put my foot down hard. Suddenly I was on a paved road, a gold coin bounced in to the cab. Encore had been paid. 

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