Picker truck and trailer. (Knuckle Boom)

Picker truck and trailer. (Knuckle Boom)



              With the right specs, a good boom truck and trailer is a time-saving, cost-efficient Machine. 

               It can pick up its load, drive across town, or the province and offload, construct, or just go to work.

               Encore’s crane and trucks are carefully chosen and built, a lot of it in-house, to maximize payload; yet bring enough of a crane to maximize payload.  We always lean to the better, larger capacity crane for our units.  It makes a huge difference for the client.  If we arrive on-site and the crane has to strain and work at maximum reach, maximum capacities; this slows everything down and adds a hazard into the worksite that is unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

               We can always send larger cranes, but at the cost of some payload.  And of course, they add to the overall cost.  We like to send the best combination we can to the job, and our regular tractor-trailer package is a proven lift, haul, and cost-effective formula that can deliver, 40-50 thousand lb loads, and handle heavier lifts.  By this, I mean weights of approx. 10,000 lbs.

We cannot do much with a weight like this, but we can get it to the site and offload it. 

               And we have a reasonable reach, over 60 ft for our knuckles, 80 for the straight booms.  We choose the type and capacity of the boom truck according to the customer’s needs and wishes.  This is where Encore’s strength and variety of units shine.  We can give our customers choices. 

               Sizes and strengths of crane, reach and height capability, interior work models, will the unit even fit on-site?

               We can send the unit that fits your needs, your site.

For example.

When we haul the Xmas tree base, 120,000 lbs of interlocking concrete, down to City Hall, we send our largest boom truck to load and construct; and our shortest most agile tractors to access downtown and be able to turn around within Churchill Square.

               If we are hauling a roofing package we try and send our long 30-ton straight boom deck trucks with a pintle hitch trailer, but a building package is a larger, heavier product and we send 25-ton cranes pulling 53 ft trailers; to get all the load and offload it safely.

               Sometimes a short trailer is necessary to access the site, we have several especially for this situation.  The LRT South and West routes are lined with Jersey barriers.

Our 18 and 25-ton boom trucks with a 39 ft trailer are an ideal transport solution for these heavy little beasts.


               This kind of flexibility and added capability saves our clients time, money and can eliminate a lot of on-site and work frustration.  …..Any Frustration we can eliminate is a good thing. 

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