Location, Location, Location!



Location, Location, Location

Located just off the Yellowhead on the Eastern edge of Edmonton; Encore’s spacious yards are easily able to accommodate the largest loads for storage. We keep our power units and trailers to the outside and leave a large working area in the center. This allows 100 ft plus loads to enter and make a complete circle without encountering any obstacles or stressing the operator.

For our use, it is a great staging area and gives everyone room to work, dolly off, or switch trailers. A flat piece of packed grave, contoured for drainage and maintained to smooth and tidy. This is a place, ready to work and it shows.

With the availability of forklifts from 5-50,000 lbs. and crane service equally as capable, this gives our clients a load and offload capability that is second to none. Encore has crews available to unload products from enclosed trailers, or C cans and space to work and store them if required.

With such a convenient location, Encore is easy to access, and with a city location, off a major freeway, we are an efficient site, minutes from anywhere in the capital region. Any passing traffic on Hwy 16, Yellowhead near Sherwood Park, can look right into our yard. We are well lite, fenced, nestled in the NW corner of the overpass. The province appropriated land from us to build the off-ramp.

Being in such a visible position has helped our security. The clean, busy, look of the yard, the lighting, our cameras of course, and just the regular coming and goings of our boom trucks and tractors have kept our yards, and we have several on this corner, kept them incident free for several years now.

Our storage capacity is quite extensive. In the past we have had over 40 flat deck loads of piping stored for a pharmaceutical build; 13 vans for a utility, and at one point we had 19 escalators waiting to be installed in the hockey arena. The yard and our equipment were especially useful as all the escalators came in two pieces, approx. 9500 lbs each and they needed to be mated together before shipping, which we could also offer.

At this moment we have almost 100 air moving, cooling, and heating units within the yard, waiting for transportation and installation on the new Amazon building in the west end. We have already moved 80 units to the site, and these were set into place by a large helicopter.

Altogether we have over 8 acres of outside storage and we have indoor availability for loads that cannot be exposed to the elements. The forklifts need to be discussed, in our limited time with the 4 units we have, it is amazing how many loads require a special type of forklift. The forks must be a certain length, the machine strong enough to lift the load. Many times, the forks are too thick, sometimes too wide for the little pockets. The weights can be very uneven, so moving forks are essential, and we have that covered, but even with 4 units we see the need for another medium size, all-terrain unit to ensure we can cover more of these special loads.

The load and offload are not as straightforward as it sounds, but we have met every challenge so far. We also have the luxury of the largest boom truck fleet in town. If the material is in a difficult position or the load is awkward we will be able to unload it safely and efficiently.

We try and provide the complete storage package; decent location, with loading and unloading, security, 24-hour availability, reasonable charges, and we can pick up and deliver practically anything, anywhere.

If you need long or short-term storage or just a load switched, keep us in mind.


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