Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic

Job Description:

Journeyman Mechanics are responsible for completing repairs and maintenance on Encore’s fleet of cranes, trailers and trucks in the shop and field as required. For testing purposes, mechanics will operate the equipment to determine the required maintenance or repairs. This is a safety sensitive position.

Work is done on a priority basis and will require you to work in coordination with shop management. Each job assigned to a mechanic requires a hazard/control assessment and all the appropriate paperwork completed. As a Journeyman Encore expects you to assist in training and supervision of apprentices and shop hands.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Keeping your work area clean and organized. Cleaning up old parts, tools and any spills on the shop floor.
  2. Any work done on equipment must meet Encore and government regulations. Shortcuts and “quick” fixes are unacceptable.
  3. Reporting damage of equipment beyond the scope assigned, and notifying the shop foreman of any parts that need to be replaced. Work in coordination with the shop foreman to establish time frames for repairs and maintenance work.
  4. Mechanics will complete repairs and maintenance for Encore’s fleet; including mini cranes, pickers, trucks and trailers. Mechanics will coordinate with the shop foreman on priority repairs and units requiring maintenance or inspections.
  5. Mechanics will be responsible for completing a hazard assessment and setting controls in place for each task they work on. All paperwork must be completed for each job (Hazard Assessment and shop mechanic form)
  6. Complete CVIP’s and truck & trailer inspections to government specifications.
  7. Driving to sites and assisting with any field repairs needed to get the truck back to the shop.
  8. Working with apprentice mechanics and shop hands, delegating and supervising their work, and ensuring work is completed to Encore standards. Being in a leadership role will require effective communication skills and taking the time to properly train and teach subordinates.


All Encore employees are responsible for understanding and complying with Encore and outside authority regulations, procedures and policies. Employees must apply this to all aspects and tasks related to their position and take part in the further development of the safety program. Workers are responsible for identifying hazards and having the necessary controls in place to prevent incidents and near misses.

Hazard assessments must be completed with the appropriate paperwork, (shop forms, BOL, and site, shop and office inspections), discussed with all involved parties and submitted to the safety department.

Employees MUST report all near misses and incidents immediately to an Encore supervisor or Encore contact as per the Alberta Worker’s Compensation Act and the federal and Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act. All paperwork including an incident report and investigation form must be filled out with employee information, a detailed description of the incident with root causes and corrective actions taken.

A Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic operates company vehicles. This is a safety sensitive position.

Job Requirements:

  • Journeyman Ticketed Heavy Duty Mechanic
  • Works well independently or in a team atmosphere when required
  • Able to take on a leadership role and train subordinates
  • Good communication and time management skills


Thank you for your application but only those being considered for the position will be contacted.

No phone calls – please submit your resume and cover letter via the employment form or by emailing:

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