Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Recently Encore began a journey of understanding and exploring what it means to be a business that promotes and supports Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. 

We needed to begin by diving into what each of those terms means.  

Diversity is the range of human differences. Each of us come from a diverse background with our own culture,  traditions, race or spoken language.  It is important to recognize our own diversity, diversity within the company, and also within our contractors, and client base; so we have insight into perspectives other than our own.

Inclusion is respecting, appreciating and valuing these very differences and considering how policies and practices might be improved or enriched through the inclusion of different ‘lenses’.  View the policies, the problems thru another’s eyes, their background; their ethnicity.

Equity is acknowledging that an individual or group may need to experience or receive different services or supports, in order to maintain fairness and access.  Their diversity can be a barrier.  When we work toward removing those barriers, we are building equity.  This can benefit all employees.  For example, using plain language and visuals for workplace signage can provide support to English Language learners, employees with low English literacy, even new employees.  It can make interpretation more efficient for everyone.

This month we participated in an interactive webinar with the Encore management and supervisor team to start the conversation.  This meeting was hosted by a Senior Consultant from MFRS: Coaching, Advisory, and Research Services and she guided the team through the groundwork. There were great discussions that arose from reviewing different workplace scenarios, asking what each of those terms meant to participants in the context of their work, and how positive and productive approaches could be applied to the business.

As we roll this Diversity, Inclusion and Equity introductory webinar out to all Encore employees, we look forward to exploring real life situations that our employees have encountered and how it impacts their lives and work.  Encore is committing to reviewing policies and practices to identify and eliminate barriers.  These improvements will allow for Encore to strengthen and build its business utilizing the unique ideas and expertise that everyone has to offer.  Together, we will continue our mission: To strive every day to provide efficient, cost effective, and innovative service. To lead the lifting community in the safe transport and specialty lifting of all goods within a framework of empowered employees, integrity and trust.

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