Free Job Checks and Site Visits

Not too sure how to complete a job?

Book us. 

We’ll come to you.

Tackle your workload early and book us to visit your site free of charge. 

If you:

  • Have a tricky lift or move
  • Want to clean up your yard or shop
  • have a tricky install or replacement
  • or just don’t know where to start

Book a professional Job Check with us and we’ll help you out. We know how to get the job done, so call us and get ahead of your goals. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you always have to do a job check?

No. Our highly trained dispatch team can get a lot of information off of the phone or email to give a quick reply to most inquiries. We can even quote quickly over the phone if you don’t have time to do a job check.  Most times, when we book a job check, it’s to confirm actual sizes and the environment for access and setup.

What if I’m outside of the Edmonton Area?

We can still provide a quote over the phone or through email if you are outside of the Edmonton area. There have been cases where we will travel to perform a job check for larger projects or specialty moves. Call or email our dispatch team and we will help you out. 

If you complete the job check but I don’t use you, will you charge me?

No. We won’t charge unless we send out a unit with an operator to go to work for you.