Safety Starts With Self-Awareness

Safety Starts With Self-Awareness


We build risk management into our daily work, but real safety leadership has to come from a personal level. Our people, their engagement, awareness, and continued involvement are vital to our safety program.

We have no magic wand to change the world, but we do have control within our lives, values, and ethics. Our strength lies in what we can control. Self-awareness is an integral part of our task hazard assessment enhanced by training and practice. Practice and time are what it takes for habits to change for the good and stick. Our people will set the example, inspired to raise their standards for continuous improvement.

At Encore we continue to build our safety programs, based on organizational needs, continuous learning, and the external environment. Safety starts with self-awareness. 


Encore’s I-Pause Program

Encore’s I-Pause program strengthens self-awareness. Self-awareness is the ability to monitor our own emotions and reactions. We apply what we know and learn about ourselves and our personalities to enhance our hazard assessment mitigation. We take responsibility for our actions, understanding our risk tolerance, and make it a habit to practice our I-PAUSE at work and home. 



  • I-Pause what I am doing> Take a slow deep breath, reassess (slow it down)
  • I-Process and share> Who/what needs to be adjusted
  • I-Proceed with one thing in focus> Doing It Right.



Reacting with Good Habits – Safety Starts with Self-awareness

Encore’s I-Pause program is a tool we use to help with self-control. We practice our I-Pause at work and home continually to keep up our self-awareness and to build good habits.

Our work at Encore is completed efficiently and safely. We seek to understand and take responsibility for our thought processes and reactions. Our day-to-day choices and actions are affected by many things; ourselves, Encore processes and systems, the current factors on the job, all of which can influence the situation. 


Built on three principles:

• Being good mentors and leaders
• Identify the things which are in our control and the things which are not
• Proactive employees are in control and show initiative to solve and learn



Continue to improve our reporting so that others can learn from our experiences and anticipate where things might go wrong. 

Create an environment that encourages everyone, including clients, subcontractors, and the public to feel safe and supported, to report all unsafe conditions, near misses, and safety incidents. 

Encore is committed to investigating every reported event impartially in a just and fair manner, provide timely feedback, and invest the required resources to control risk adequately.


COVID-19 – Staying Safe

Our philosophy is simple and on point. Everyone’s safety is paramount. 

Following Alberta Health Authority regulations and guidelines is vital to reducing the pressure on our health systems and protecting our most vulnerable. 

Business continuity is critical, and we are here for you. Procedures and policies are in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • Onsite protocols – separation of employee groups, splitting our driving crews
  • Sanitation PPE kits – masks, distancing vests, and extra masks for clients  
  • Staying at home when sick

Encore Trucking & Transportation has implemented COVID-19 Expectations & Guidelines. We ask all our employees to read the material, watch the videos view, and follow these best practices.

Prevent the Spread:


Diversity and Inclusion 

Encore Trucking looks to lead organizational efforts by creating environments of respect and fairness, where all employees can realize their full potential. 

As an inclusive employer, we continually strive to maintain a healthy workplace and a positive environment. Inclusion enhances our ability to make better business decisions by engaging people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Tapping into workforce diversity is a complex endeavour. Encore is taking the necessary steps to be more effective. Starting with acknowledging the need, then working with industry experts conduct training workshops for all Encore employees.