Bare or Dry Rentals


Encore is now offering a number of our units for dry rent.  Weekly, or monthly. 

                Boom trucks from 18 to 25 ton, both tractor mount and body job, deck only units.

                Knuckle booms and straight booms are available; all fully certified, serviced and well maintained.

                These are Encore fleet units that we are able to offer at monthly rates.

Inclusive of

Lifting and Rigging packages, dual split chains; full set lift slings, sets of 4-2in double ply , 6-12-20 footers. Full sets of shackles, 4 of each—–¼ inch to one inch.  Truck package includes tire chains, over dimensional signs, flags, bungie cords, emergency repair kit, air brake antifreeze, coolant and windshield fluid provided. Transportation package supplied.  6 Ratchet and 6 trailer tie down straps, 4 chains and ratchet boomers; plus winch bar included.


Unit 602 or 603  

                Triple axle Mack Granite boom trucks. Full locks, decks, headache racks, built in steps, boxes, fifth wheel.  18 ton knuckle boom, 68 ft. of reach.  Remote control.  Well equipped work truck.

                550/day or 16500/month


                Unit 324.  22 ton straight boom, rear mount, 18 ft. deck.  101 ft. of boom.  Strong chart 4000 lbs. 50 ft.  within 20 ft. 13,000.  Very handy unit, crane rear placement allows for maximum benefit from crane set up.  Crane actual build is 25 ton and rebranded by Manitex to avoid sales conflict with 28 ton model.

                500/day or 15,000/ month


Unit 347, 18 ton straight boom Tadano crane on Western Star chassis, 81 ft of boom extension, tractor mount, small deck available.  Lift, rigging, tractor and Transportation packages included.

                550/day or 16,500/month


50,000lb Industrial Forklift

Encore’s 50,000lb capacity forklift can make any job look easy. This addition to our fleet has helped us support our Industrial Moving services. 

We can also transport and offload all the commodities that we forklift, offering an all-in service to our customers.

  • Great support for our Industrial Moving Services
  • Jack & Roll – Picker – Forklift Combo
  • Experienced Crew

Applications: Engine Moves, Pump Station Work, Electrical Equipment, Pre-Cast Concrete, Building Materials, Confined Space/Limited Headroom Projects


Two Different Brands: Spydercrane & Hoeflon

Encore Trucking & Transport is Western Canada’s #1 source of UNIC Spydercranes and Hoeflon Minicranes. Encore Trucking was the first to bring these Spydercrane units into Canada back in 2008 and has been using, renting and selling them since. We have the most experience and knowledge with these units in all of Canada.

Being only 2 ft wide and 9ft long in transport mode, our mini crawler cranes can get into those tight spots where you need power and lift. This mini crane has proven to work well in almost any environment. The size of the machine enables greater accessibility but does not compromise with power (lift to 3 tons) or boom length (28 ft) and has 360 degree swing capability. The crane is mounted on tracks for travelling within minutes to where the work is. With 6 positions for each of the 4 independent outriggers, there are numerous configurations to set up the crane, giving it the ability to adapt to almost any situation. For indoor lifts, there are hybrid models available such as gas/electric, gas/propane and straight propane. For outdoor work, there are straight gas and straight diesel units available.

  • Level operation on uneven sites
  • Radio remote controls
  • LMI stability safeguards and shutdowns
  • Tandem lift capability (by Encore operators)
  • Orientation and certification by Encore Rentals & Sales
  • Accessories such as jibs for extra headroom for confined lifts, transformers developed by Encore, cold weather start, man-basket attachment and forklift carry tray

Carry Decks

Encore’s Carry Deck Cranes are extremely versatile so they allow our customers a great advantage. These are ideal for lifting and hoisting anything that requires a compact, low-profile crane. These are perfect to maneuver in tight spaces and clear overhead obstacles because of their versatility.

These cranes are extremely versatile in the tasks that they can accomplish. Ideal for lifting materials that require compact low profile cranes that can simultaneously maneuver in tight spaces while clearing overhead obstacles. Carry deck cranes typically come outfitted with fully hydraulic controls for extremely smooth and precise operations. With weight capacities upwards of 15 tons, and pick up and carry weight capacities of over 9 tons on certain models, you can imagine why carry deck cranes can be so useful on the job site.

We have many options available, so call us today.