The Trans-Northern Jet Fuel Pipeline – Edmonton to Calgary International

Highlighted Project – The Trans-Northern Jet Fuel Pipeline

Edmonton to Calgary International 

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The Trans-Northern Jet Fuel Pipeline, Edmonton to Calgary International.

We were to supply and man boom trucks for valve, spool, and  pump work on 6 sites, between Edmonton and Calgary; simultaneously, 24 hrs a day for approx. 2 weeks.

Sites were Edmonton, Leduc, Wetaskawin, N Red Deer, and S Red Deer, then Didsbury.

Work needed to start at the Edmonton station, our crews would follow the clean out pig, and activate each site as it travelled down the line.  After 5 days we would have all sites activated.

With the work being a 24hr push, we sent 2 crews on each unit.  We had 6 sites, but only needed 5 units, as one of the closer sites was a only a few hours of work.  The one truck would cove it, then proceed to the next station and stay on that site.  We also set up a 6th crew, as a flex group, to cover any special needs, and Clearstream said there would be a need for a roving crew to troubleshoot and help out.  We were also thinking of our own equipment and crew needs.  It can happen and we wanted to prepare.

We found hotels for everyone, with restaurants nearby or in house, and supplied each crew with a travel car or pick up. 

There were safety orientations, and HR and Safety ensured everyone was covered.  We also developed a full JHA for the project.

The work required knuckle boom cranes.  There was piping to reach under and some roofs we had to extend under to get at the pipe, the valves.  Our site evaluation didn’t look to bad; but we sent our trickiest, and best low profile gear units, and needed them.  Some of the lifts were inches of clearance above even our special dead sticks.  We were ready

The work was in January but our men and equipment handled the cold.  The timing of each sites start up and shuffle, crew change and delivery was a daily task with our operators and office staff, fielding work requests from the sites and the clients head office; but our communication was good.

The client wanted a daily billing tally from each site.  We had our operators write out their tickets, get it signed, then snap a picture and email it to our admin people.  We tallied everything, and sent our client a total and a site breakdown every day.

We handled extra transport of materials to all sites, the needs for longer reaches, heavier units, and switched out one crew for a family emergency, with our flex crew. 

Everything went well on our end, and our portion of the work was finished in just over 2 weeks.

We did another smaller project for the Company, in the fall.