Privacy Policy

Encore respects the privacy of individuals and the employment information we collect shall be kept private, confidential and secure.


            Encore limits the gathering of information to only what is necessary for identification and the hiring process and will keep the information only as long as reasonably necessary.


            Employees or potential workers shall be informed, by the reading of this document that any personal information will be protected and require stronger consent than the implied and limited consent regarding the release of employment information.


            Our information shall be accurate and complete, and a review of information must be a standard part of Encore’s internal reviews. 


            Any information of a personal nature shall be kept in a secure place and access limited to only office management.  This information will not be shared, bantered or disclosed in any form; neither shall Encore sell their customer lists to any source.


            Any complaint shall go to the privacy officer and any employee shall have the right to limit disclosure, or object to the type of disclosure that has occurred.  Any resolution reached shall also have an appeal possible, which will involve office managers.


            Encore’s privacy policy and practices are open and available upon request.  Any individual has the right to obtain the personal or employment information the organization has about them; and to be informed of how that information has been used or disclosed.


            Encore further states that any use of the information will be for reasonable purposes and the amount of disclosure limited to a ‘reasonable’ sum.


            Any credit information that we acquire from our customers shall be deemed private, secure, kept in locked files and accessible only to Encore office staff.


Encore Trucking & Transport Ltd. Privacy officer                Don Lucas